StarChoice 1: La conjura de El Escorial (The El Escorial Conspiracy – 2008)

I added another 181 films from Madrid to my collection which included the movie La conjura de El Escorial (The El Escorial Conspiracy – 2008) by Spanish director Antonio del Real starring Jason Isaacs, Julia Ormond, Jürgen Prochnow….. A Spanish-Italian co-production co-written by Antonio del Real and mainly shot on location at the Monasterio de el Escorial San Lorenzo de el Escorial, Toldeo Cathedral (both of which we visited last month) and other places in Spain, it portrays a partly fictionalised story line of deceit and betrayal in the court of the “Prudent King” Filipe II of Spain (1527-1598), the only son of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Isabella of Portugal. With excellent performances by Juanjo Puigcorbe (Felipe), Julia Ormond (Ana of Mendoza/Princess of Eboli), Antonio Perez (Jason Isaacs), Blanca Jara (Damiana) and superb Costume Design (Javier Artiñano/Delfín Prieto), Cinematography (Carlos Suárez), Production Design (Luis Vallés), melodious orchestral score (Alejandro Vivas Puig), and made in both Spanish and English version, the film was a joy to watch last night. The film earned Goya Awards for: Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Make-up and Hairstyles (José Quetglás and Nieves Sánchez), Best Production Design, and Best Supporting Actress (Rosana Pastor in the role of Doña Juana de Coello).








Check this movie out.This movie was earlier filmed by director Terence Young (James Bond fame) in 1955 titled “That Lady” starring Olivia de Havilland and Gilbert Roland, based on For One Sweet Grape by Kate O’Brien (Publisher: Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday & company, inc., 1946).


(© Joseph Sebastine/Manningtree Archive)

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