Lovely Blogger Award!

I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by – a beautiful blog where you can discover the world as seen by a keen eye and written them out with the inner beauty, wisdom and knowledge of a creative writer. Check it out!

The rules for this award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person that nominated you… thanks again to

2   Post the award picture in your post.

3.  Tell 7 things about yourself (I have taken the liberty to mention 10):

  • My passion is knowledge – reading, writing, music, movies and every day life assist me in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • I am self-conscious and hopelessly romantic.
  • I dislike when they call this State “God’s Country”, a phrase which I consider is disrespect to God.
  • I would love to have a dog – but couldn’t due to reasons stated in my blog of Oct 5: “Travel All-Inclusive: Tails of Affection”.
  • I adore the genius of Michelangelo.
  • I would like to travel more. It’s important to me.
  • Is it possible for me to own a home in London or Madrid? I would love that.
  • I think about my mistakes.
  • I still believe anything is possible if you believe in yourself.
  • The goodness of a person spreads in all direction. I would like to be kind whenever possible because it is always possible if you try.

4.  Nominate 10 other bloggers and notify them of the nomination. (You are supposed to nominate 15 bloggers. But I have limited this to 9 since I have not read that many blogs yet)

Here is my diverse list of nominations.  All are great sites and are worth a visit so check them out.

32 thoughts on “Lovely Blogger Award!

  1. Congratulations Joseph! You do have a lovely blog with gorgeous photography. This award is just perfect for you. I appreciate your thinking of me for a nomination. Thank you, Penny 🙂

  2. Congratulations Joseph!!! You do have One Lovely Blog and I am a fan! Thank you very much for nominating me and I appreciate it. I am writing to you from Australia. Once back to California, I will check-out your new posts and also pass on your kind nomination. 😀 Fae.

  3. Joseph, you have a beautiful blog and it so deserves the Lovely Blog award. Congratulations. And I’m truly humbled that you nominated my blog for the award. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! This is a very appropriate award for your blog 🙂 I would also love to have a dog but because I live in a rather small apartment I unfortunately can’t. And I definitely agree that goodness spreads in all directions.

  5. I traveled to Italy recently and saw The Pieta at St. Peter’s Basilica, amazing. I cried and cried. It is absolutely beautiful. I’ll check out the list of blogs you follow. I am loving our WordPress community and connecting with other folks. Thank you!

    • I have made it a point to admire Pietà whenever I am in Rome. As you would know, that’s the only piece of art Michelangelo ever signed. I have to admit that I have done what you did not at Pietà, but at his tomb at the Basilica di Santa Croce in Firenze. Such a brilliant talent! I wish you happy surfing through the blogs of WordPress. Cheers, Jo

  6. I completely agree with number three, that idea doesn’t sit well with me regardless of the country! Wish everyone would realize that now. I really like your photos and travels, you have a beautiful blog, Congratulations on your award!! 🙂

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  8. I’m stopping by and reading more today, belated congratulations for a beautiful blog by a warm and wonderful person, your philosophy shines so brightly through all your posts x

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