The Roots and Wings of Valentine

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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year – the holidays of the short evenings are over. The spring vegetables are slowly entering the markets. Given that love is the keynote of that sweetest day of February when moments are made into memories, shops have displayed pretty favours for exchange between lovers and couples to mark the Valentine’s Day. As usual, a good number of high-flying hotels will be a much sought after destination on the 14th of this month for the lovers and couples out for a memorable candlelit evening of gastronomy, drinks, music, romance and to feel like a million dollars.

2Where we live, distinctive venues for such occasions are many and more are sprouting up every other month. Ecstatic to get it going, the dining tables there will be prettily decorated with fresh flowers, ferns, bisque cupids, candles, tableware, in addition to scattered red rose petals over…

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4 thoughts on “The Roots and Wings of Valentine

  1. This is the third time back to this most excellent post. You are a master storyteller, Jo. You bring details to vivid life and allow readers to cherish the transitions which are based on the ancients. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Carina. I agree – Carina is the very best!

  2. Ahh Jo; you romantic, wonderful man.
    I recall this post and, once again, in total admiration of your story telling wish you a beautiful Valentines Day. May the rose petals fall sweetly upon your brow..
    Much Love

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