30 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane !

  1. I have come back to this post a couple of times just to see how you were able to put the two photos together into one. This is brilliant work, Jo. You have given me some photos ideas to explore. Thank you!!!

    • Thanks for your comments. Rebecca, by fusion of those pictures, my only intention was to see how my wife and I, born in different continents, would have looked if we were childhood friends.

      By the way, while working on that, a funny episode from a comedy movie had crossed my mind. The protagonist, a jobless youth from a village, sought his young friend’s help to spruce up his CV to impress the girl he was trying to woo. The friend suggested that the CV must also include fictional pictures of the protagonist with famous people. Accordingly, the CV was prepared and shown to the girl. She never spoke with him again. The images included him standing next to the likes of Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair and – Mahatma Gandhi (who died on 30 January 1948)

  2. I once did something like this for a Christmas card. I did a side-by-side splice of photos of my husband and me when we were both three years old. I was standing in the snow with my fur muff, and he was with sitting between his grandparents in southern California, with not a single snow flurry for hundreds of miles around. It’s interesting to wonder what would have happened if we could have met. I like to think we would have gotten on famously. : )

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